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  • Deep Dive improv intensive starts Monday, July 02nd 10:00 am

  • Deep Dive improv intensive starts Monday, August 13th 10:00 am

  • An Alternative Approach to Scene Work - Durham starts Saturday, April 21st 10:00 am

  • Advanced Scene Work (private) starts Saturday, April 21st 02:00 pm

  • RDU Book Discount starts Saturday, April 21st 03:00 pm


Bill A.

Bill Arnett has been improvising in Chicago for 16 years, performing with some of the most popular and esteemed groups. As an instructor of improvisation he has traveled internationally always bringing his depth of knowledge and remarkable eye for improv problem solving. The former head of the iO Theater training center, he launched the Chicago Improv Studio as a way to explore the concepts introduced in his forthcoming book The Complete Improvisor.

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