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Four Levels of Long Form Improv Training

Chicago-style long from improvisation strikes a balance between sharp wit and strong acting. While creative and funny premises are a large part of the work, talented players know it is the performance of those funny premise that audience comes to see. To strengthen performance skills, which are best learned on stage, each level includes a run of shows.

When improvising on stage a player must use all of their skills (scene work, ensemble play, concept of form, etc...) at the same time. Because of this levels aren't broken down by discrete skill. Instead each level asks the students to use all of their tools, but as the levels progress the student must sharpen their tools to deal with increasingly complex forms and styles of play.

  • Classes meet for 8 weeks and cost $250.
  • Each level includes at least three shows during the last four weeks of class. Class time will be spent analyzing and learning from each performance.
  • Students receive personal feedback and their progress is tracked from level to level.
  • Students will learn several long form structures and be given tools to create their own.
  • There are no prerequisites. All are welcome. (We do ask that all students be 18 years of age or older).

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